Living Beaches Screensaver

Living Beaches Screensaver

A nice screensaver with realistic water animation and good sound effects
4.5  (4 votes)
License type: Shareware

Living Beaches will bring you to the summer of your dream. Ocean, sand beaches, palms, sea gulls and dolphins… you can see all these on your desktop.
This screensaver is really nice. You can watch and enjoy the sun shining in the blue sky, some dolphins playing in the distance, the gulls and the soothing sounds of the waves or vise versa, the dark water and the sky at sunset. The thing I personally liked most of all is the background music, it is very nice and relaxing. But, unfortunately, there is only one melody that sounds through all the beach scenes.
I didn't like all those little airplanes in the sky, windsurfers and a young couple on the beach; I think it is too much. Moreover, all this is spoiling the view: you are sitting, enjoying the ocean and the nature, imagine yourself being on a beach, far from the city and noise, almost feeling the light ocean breeze and the warmth of the sun, this is all yours... and, suddenly, there appear all these planes, windsurfers, and other people!
Living Beaches is shareware. The trial version has not everything. The full version promises you two more beach scenes, more animations (actually, I couldn’t notice any, they were all the same), the ability of turning on/off the sounds and the music. Also the full version includes the Living Beaches desktop themes.

jane Mytnik
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  • Good graphics
  • Nice, relaxing music


  • Only one melody
  • Almost the same animation on each beach scene
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